Oh my, I am feeling so „Christmas“ these days.
And I wanted to share this feelings with you all.
The latest Christmas Release from Chop Zuey just adds a little Winter-sparkling to all of your outfits. Its glamorous, its elegant, it makes you feel special just by wearing it.
Thank you Belle, your work is amazing and you dont want to be missed in our hearts.
The Flawless Gown from Gizza looks so cute with these white ribbons and flowers.
And, lucky us, it hides your belly, when you have eaten to much at christmas day *smiles devilshy*. You dont need to hold your breath, so noone sees.
Lets stay serious, its gorgeous. And I am happy, I got it.

Gown: Gizza: Flawless Gown Red
Jewelry: Chop Zuey: Snowflakes Sweet Earrings and Columbina Choker

Hurry and take a taxi