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In the Dark

Hello Folks,

Long time I havent been in Sl. My photoshop didnt want to work proper anymore. Some versioncue.dll problems.

And other things screamed at me to take care of them.

But now I was shopping again. And my way lead me to Miamai where I found this stunning gown.

In the Dark

I also stopped at Finesmith and these pieces of jewelry made me wish to do some kind of darker theme.
I combined it with some fantasy stuff, which is overfloating my inventory.

So here comes the List what I am wearing:

Hair: * Baiastice_Iskra- hair attachment
Horns: *~*Runed Horns: Aries from Illusions
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – Bastet – Persian (Ibanez is only available at marketplace, but Bastet eyes still are missing)
Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP – ISIS merlot
Skin: ::LS:: PAM skin Caramel – CL2 – Lips0
Teeth: **SHINE** Prim Teeth Vampire/Normal
Gown: Miamai_Anigma
Gloves: Miamai_Rilla Satin Midnight
Wings: Violet Studios – Uratus Wings
Jewelry: FINESMITH Devil’s Love Silver


Requiem for butterfly

So, today there was another „Give-this-dress-a-name“-contest in the groupchat from my lovely friend Vitabela from Vita’s Boudoir. And when I saw this outfit, I so need to blog it.
I loved it from the start.

I mixed it with this FashionCornus hairstyle, what is available at Glam Affair on the Festival of Sin.

Requiem for butterfly

Dress: Requiem for butterfly from Vita’s Boudoir
Hairstyle: FashionCornus Glam Affair at Festival of Sin


Join Vita’s Boudoir inworld group, so you all stay updated with new releases and even have some fun with those mini-contests. Its so worth it.


Have fun shopping

This will be part two of my Back to Black shopping tour.
Exept of the Corset all parts are from this Event venue. Go and have a look. There are so fabulous items available.

This stunning Corset is called .:NV:. Commedia dell’arte Corset – Gothic Columbine v2.0 White and is not available yet. It will be released in the future as a full outfit. Keep in touch with NV Corsetry, so you dont miss the magical day when this Corset will be released.
The details are breathtaking and the fitting is so easy.

Back to Black and NV Corsetry

Now, here comes the Stylecard for the Back to Black event stuff
Skin: – DAMNED SKIN – Selene special edition 01
Hair: [Shag] – She Sells Sanctuary – Fade to black
Eyes: – DAMNED – Eyes34
Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP – black cherry loveheart gloss  (wear)
Dress: Peqe – Back to Noir
Earrings: „TP!B“Chained Love Earrings
Neklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: HYPERION ::

Corset not part of event: :NV:. Commedia dell’arte Corset – Gothic Columbine v2.0 White (Future Sale)

At the Back to Black event venue you will find exclusive items from many designers.

Today I am showing you some of them.

take a taxi to Back to Black event

Hood: [sYs] DEVA – hat (black)
Top, Collar (and modded skirt): – Nemesis – Friendship bodysuit black
Bag: ::je suis…:: l’espoir bag__ EXCLUSIVE FOR BACK TO BLACK
Ring: je suis…voyante *gemstone* rings

Leggins: part of ** DIRAM ** MICAH Attire
Armwarmers: Maitreya Armwarmers – Black
Boots: TEN“10 Megas boots black
Nails: ** DIRAM ** CLAW Nails

The Gypset Market is open for all BeStyle ’s Lover !!


This lovely skirt from ::PM:: is available at the Gypset Market.
Hurry and get it.

Skirt: :: PM :: Groovy Long Skirt in Brown/Blue for Gypset Market
Top: *League* Sakura Corset & Lingerie Set
Jewelry: *League* Wanderer Jewellery Set -Golden Oak
Turban: Vanity Hair:: Manish Plain Textures

I love creating Fantasy-roleplay-characters.

I love Merfolk, but sometimes you need to create a Landwalker. Because I personally dont like it, roleplaying a mermaid in my  normal form, floating over land.
So today I am going to show you my Anguana.

Definition of an Anguana:
(Aguana, Guana, Eguana, Agana, Enguana) Water-demon or spirit
It is said that they shall cause harm if one offends her. They are mostly found near of streams and gushing springs, why a connection with the water sprites isn’t excluded. They can appear both as beautiful, young, attractive women and as old, ugly women. From their nature they shall be good-hearted and a blessing of them causes luck.
If you treat them nice, they may sometimes give you a never ending gift, like for example a thread or a food-basket that never comes to an end.

For Roleplay I love the costumes from Caverna Obscura. And I ve made some mermaid ears that matches really every Mermaid or Landwalker Outfit.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Linn – Fantasia ( Limited Couture )
Hair: [LeLutka]-JOLIE hair/Dark Grayscale
Clothes: Shahrazad Outfit ~Twiglight~ by Caverna Obscura

Ears: Octopus Merears by Jaguar Constantine
Feet: SLink
Nails: SLink

Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Alienite Eyes from Marketplace
Crown: +PE+Coral Tiara
MermaidHands: Tideborns Merm hands

Tattoo: [Beautifully Grotesque] Mermaid Scales Tattoo Ocean from Marketplace

The Dressing Room

Just some hours ago, once more I started my shopping tour at the Dressing Room (and TDR Blue)
I wanted to show those lovely things which are available there at the moment.
Glam Affair always provides us with lovely skins for a very low value.
And you always get nice jewelry and dresses, outfits and more.

Go and have a look:
Skin: -Glam Affair – Valentine skin 02
Dress and Clutch: Ricielli Mesh TDR – Valentine set 3 /animalprint
Earrings: NHA! Earrings Nubia/Blue
Neklace: LaGyo_Sachin necklace special TDR

Take a taxi to:
TDR Blue

Today I am showing you the new collection of Formal Gowns of Amarelo Manga. I am combining it with lovely skins of JOMO and jewelry of Finesmith.

This is the new Dream Dress, named after supermodel Dreamlove.
The skin is called 011A available at JOMO.

This Dress is called Diamond Dress, named after supermodel DiamondGem Destiny.
The Skin is called 121B again from JOMO.

This is the new dress called Roe, in honor of Roe Woodford Top Model.
The skin is called 0061A.

take a taxi to:
[Amarelo Manga]… Gowns shown in the pistures
JOMO.… skins shown in the pictures
Finesmith… Jewelry called ScatterHeart shown in the pictures

Real Life Designers

Christian Dior
Haute Couture Fall 2011

After 15 years, It was the first show without John Galliano.
The Atelier introduced grandiose drafts with circuselements.
Floor-length Gowns with tulle-roses, silk-fringes and feathers were shown in the finale.

I was inspired by a gown combined with a Pierrot-neckpiece and a Harlekin-hat.
It is so much „Me“. It shows my humoristic side, while still being elegant.
But also often you can see sad, crying pierrots. The message could be: “ Put on your smile, and never show anyone, how it looks deep inside you“.
This style has got 1000 faces. Same as me.

I changed the colour of the Real Life Gown and decided not to wear rose, but black. Because I really like the black and white effect.
I have builded the hat myself and found a perfect pierrot neckpiece.
The new makeup Inmutatio from Miamai does look perfect for this event.
My Outfit is not 1 to 1, buts still close enough to the original. And it has got my touch of a Little bit.
I challenged myself trying to wear things from every

Here is the original picture what inspired me:


Xanadu- -X- New Year Petal Dress Black&Purple (shirt layer)
R.icielli – PETRA minidress (just the topattachment)
GizzA – Dark Feather Series II and IV (Feathers on the top)

Xanadu- -X- New Year Petal Dress Black&Purple (pants layer)

GizzA – Galliano Inspiration / Skirt

Mary Jane Shoes Alluring Stiletto Black

made by myself

NONKO Circus Night Collar 1 and 2

(Kunglers Extra) Bambu


Purple Moon :: PM :: Dew Hair Attachment -BLACK/WHITE- w/strings

Gems & Kisses – Vendetta – A – Platinum

Miamai_XGen Lashes_Simplicity
Drama eyeliner by Oceane
Finesmith Lashes 01

Miamai_InMutatio Eyeshadow 02
Miamai_InMutatio Femme Lips 04

Last week our theme at Miss Essence of Ebony was Harajuku.

I decided to go the very girlie, pink white and black coloured way while styling my Harajuku Outfit.

I was inspired by BTSSB or „Baby the Stars shine bright“.
It belongs to the bright and very cute, kawaii Gothic Lolitha Look.

Skirt, Corset and parts of: gloves, Top and Hair-Attachment:
Solidea Folies BoccaDiRosa

Blouse, pants, Overkneesocks and parts of gloves:
Rotten Toe…Gothic Lolitha Romper Black

Socks: Maitreya Scrunched Primsocks in white
Shoes: L’Emporio Melinda T-Straps Black
Earrings and necklcae: {Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Cameo
Bracelet: BunnyStar Productions – Crazy Bunny Candy Jewelry
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Trish Hair – DOUBLE
Makeup: **NOYA** Smokey Black Star + Golden Glitter Lips
Chelle Tropical
Lashes: Miamai_XGen Lashes_Simplicity